Kyoto University, Institute for Life and Medical Sciences, Laboratory of Immunopathogenesis

We study an interplay between immune system and self-organs/tissues, with a particular focus on its physiological roles and the mechanisms of disease development when the interaction becomes aberrant. We work on autoimmunity and cancer immunology from an integrated perspective; both of them are ‘destruction of self-derived components by immune system’. We strive to discover key molecular pathways shared by both autoimmune diseases and cancer immunotherapy in order to develop innovative treatment arms for these devastating diseases.


Two graduate students joined the lab. Welcome!
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Thank you for visiting our laboratory's website. Our laboratory started in April 2022. We value diversity and inclusion, and strive to create an environment where we can work together to tackle important scientific questions. Immunology is closely related to not only well-known autoimmune diseases, cancer, and infectious diseases, but also to many other diseases such as metabolic disorders and diseases in central nervous system. We are always looking for highly motivated students and researchers who can work with us to unravel the mysteries of the immune system. 



We strive to understand physiological roles of self-recognition by immune system and how its dysregulation leads to life-threating illnesses such as autoimmune diseases and cancer. Our approach is to combine in depth mechanistic study using animal models and validation of the mechanisms by human samples.Our goal is to devise novel treatments based on the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of these diseases.